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East Africa from the snowy-peak of Mount Kilimanjaro, which rises tall and proud above the Serengeti, to the thundering sound of the Great Migration, the countries of Kenya and Tanzania are host to some of nature’s most incredible moments.

Kenya, a culturally and historically rich country, offers breathtaking scenery, fascinating wildlife and unique experiences. Kenya has a stunning landscape with an array of national parks, including the world-renowned Masai Mara National Reserve. The national park is a beautiful and vast game reserve, and is named after the indigenous Maasai people who once lived there. The national park shares its borders with the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania, which allows for brilliant animal sightings as The Great Migration of zebra and wildebeest from the Serengeti and back again, take place every year. Masai Mara National Park is also renowned for its big cat population including leopards, cheetah and the famous Masai lion. The flat plains of the Serengeti are the most popular portrait of Africa, with countless movies and photographs depicting it.

Tanzania is a unique and beautiful African country with some of the best sights and attractions in the world. The country is rich in diversity both culturally and ecologically, and is home to an amazing 7 UNESCO World Heritage Sites including the Serengeti National Park, Stone Town (located on the island of Zanzibar), as well as the Kilimanjaro National Park. This East African country is beautiful and filled with fantastic attractions and activities – almost half of this vast country is filled with wildlife reserves and national parks ensuring some of the most enthralling safari adventures. Travellers will be sure to encounter some of the very best wildlife Africa has to offer in the dense Serengeti bushveld.

What makes Kenya and Tanzania so unique is that they are the only African countries where the annual Great Migration, a phenomenon which sees thousands of wildebeest and zebra migrate across the Serengeti, can be witnessed. Kenya and Tanzania promise to be a once-in-a-lifetime trip, with front-row seats to Africa’s most phenomenal show.


Kenya is a stunningly beautiful country with plenty to offer. Enjoy some of the best landscapes in Africa and some luxury accommodation. The most popular Kenyan destination is the vast Masai Mara National Reserve, a huge game reserve that has plenty of lavish accommodation and is the prime place to witness the Great Migration, an annual gathering of thousands of wildebeest and zebra crossing the Serengeti. Accommodation in the Masai Mara National Reserve, especially in an area where the migration can be observed, is exclusive, and truly one of the most fascinating safari experiences anyone could have. Popular accommodations include Little Governor’s Camp, a 5-star safari camp set near the edge of the reserve. Another stunning camp in the reserve is the Mahali Mzuri, a tented safari camp owned by Sir Richard Branson. Other well-known areas include the Amboseli National Park and the stunning Mount Kenya.


Tanzania, East Africa is one of the most fascinating and beautiful countries to explore, boasting unbelievable natural landscapes, including a whopping 7 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Guests are sure to never be bored in this stunning African country! If you enjoy an incredible safari adventure, Tanzania is definitely the place for you. The Serengeti National Park runs through Tanzania where a plethora of wildlife can be found, including the incredible Big 5. As well as the Serengeti National Park, there is also the renowned Kilimanjaro National Park, where Africa’s highest mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro, can be viewed in all its glory. The annual Great Migration, which sees thousands of zebras and wildebeest move across the Serengeti can be witnessed in only two places on earth, Kenya and Tanzania, and there are plenty of stunning accommodations that offer front row seats to this phenomenon. Book your trip to Tanzania today and experience a safari holiday like no other! View our excellent Tanzania page for all the details and some interesting information about this excellent African country. We look forward to seeing you soon!


Rwanda, East Africa main attractions is the Nyungwe National Park, covering more than a 1000 square kilometres of pristine mountain rainforests. It’s one of the oldest and largest remaining forests in Africa and is the home of thirteen primate species, including habituated chimpanzees, gorilla’s and a huge group of about 400 habituated Ruwenzori Black and White colobus monkeys. This national park also has East Africa’s only canopy walk.


Uganda, East Africa is a landlocked country situated in East Africa, bordered by Kenya, South Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda and Tanzania and is often described as one of the most beautiful African countries, most notably by Winston Churchill who called the country “the pearl of Africa”. Uganda has spectacular wildlife that is spread across numerous national parks, set up to help conserve and preserve the wildlife and natural land, as well as allows tourists to interact and view nature without safely and responsibly. Our Uganda Lodge Specials offer exclusive accommodation at amazing rates, ensuring you get the African holiday of your dreams.

The renowned Kibale National Park is a popular destination for most tourists and the beautiful dense forest houses over 70 species of mammal and 13 species of primate, including the chimpanzee and well over 375 species of birdlife. Kibale National Park adjoins with other national parks in the surrounds to create a free roaming 180km-long corridor for the animals to walk through. Kibale is known to have one of the highest concentrations of primates in Africa, with the chimpanzee being the most popular; other species include Uganda mangabey, Uganda red colobus, and the L’Hoest’s monkey, the blue monkey and the standard black and white colobus. Herds of elephants frequently pass through park, and other mammals include the red and blue duicker, bushbuck, giant forest hogs, buffalo and warthogs. Big cats include lions, cheetahs and golden cats. Kibale has a range of lodges for guests to choose from. All lodges are comfortable and secure, nestled beneath a beautiful canopy of leaves, a wonderfully romantic feel to it. Kibale also offers chimpanzee trekking, where a trained guide helps you trek these fascinating creatures in their natural environment. To see gorillas, or to go on a gorilla trek, Bwindi and Mhahinga National Park’s specialise in gorilla conservation and trekking, whilst Kibale focuses on chimpanzees. Both gorilla and chimpanzee treks are absolutely breathtaking and one of a kind experiences, that cannot be replicated anywhere else.


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