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South Africa has always been one of the top safari destinations in the world, offering unrivalled Big 5 viewing opportunities and stunning, lavish safari accommodations. The selection of safari lodges available to travellers is extensive, ranging from ultra-luxurious, to rustic, intimate, charming and family-friendly. A South African safari promises absolute comfort, thrilling wildlife and scenic views as well as tranquillity and in the dense African bushland. Have a look at our top South African safari lodges and join us on a South African safari holiday!


The King of the Jungle is probably the most well-known Big 5 African animal. The lion is actually the second biggest cat in the world, with only the tiger surpassing it. Lions are a lot more sociable than tigers though, living in prides with multiple lionesses, all related, and two or three unrelated males. Addo is home to black mane lions that are eager to put on a show for travellers on a game drive.


African elephants are found in abundance at Addo! Addo started off with only 11 elephants in 1931, and these numbers have grown tremendously. With over 600 free-roaming elephants, travellers are sure to experience some amazing views of these gentle giants.


Addo is home to the endangered black rhino, a shy animal native to southern and eastern Africa. The black rhino is mostly active at night, but guests can expect to see a few sauntering through the bushland during the day.

Cape Buffalo

The Cape Buffalo is a sight to behold in Addo. Large herds of buffalo can be seen quenching their thirst at the waterhole, or grazing along the plains, keeping a keen eye out for predators. Herds of buffalo are mostly docile, and will never attack unprovoked.


The elusive leopard is one of the most beautiful big cats in Africa. Leopards are expert tree climbers, often dragging their prey up trees to protect it from scavengers and other predators. You will be very lucky to see a leopard in the wild! These shy cats prefer to hide away rather than put on a show.


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