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Madagascar is a country that has never featured prominently in the safari spotlight. But that perhaps speaks to the small island nation’s charm, or rather, its mystery.

Its geography and the wildlife who roam it are unlike any other place on earth. Because of the long period of isolation from other parts of the world, Madagascar appears to be a land stuck in time. Lush, rocky valleys merge with spiny forests in the highlands while ancient baobab trees reach into the sky. Besides the diverse flora that decorates the islands, Madagascar is also home to over 200,000 species of wildlife, most recognisably the lemur. East Cape Tours has compiled a number of tailor-made travel packages for guests to enjoy the very best of this mystery land and its surrounding islands.

An island getaway too often means overcrowded beaches and an experience that feels out of touch with its natural surrounds. Not in Madagascar. Because of the island’s tourism industry still being in its infancy, Madagascar is still largely untouched by blatant commercialism, and a 3-day tour package is the perfect way to enjoy the Indian Ocean’s best kept secret. Guests will stay in the capital city of Antananarivo before setting out each day to Andasibe Reserve to observe and interact with its extensive lemur population. Another way to experience Madagascar’s diverse landscape is on a 3-day scenic bicycle tour. Starting in Antananarivo and stretching to the Andasibe Reserve, the tour is perfect for travellers who prefer their lemur sighting with a spot of exercise. Guests can enjoy a visit to the Madagascar Exotic Reserve to observe the island’s diverse and unique reptilian population. A tour of Lemur Island is also included.

For travellers with more time on their hands, the 12-day ‘1000 views of Madagascar package’ offers the quintessential experience. While the tour may not include exactly 1000 views, you may be hard pressed to complain because of the sheer diversity stuffed into 12 days on an island not that much bigger than Texas. The first half of the tour will show travellers the sights and sounds of Antananarivo, Andasibe Reserve as well as a small town near the reserve. While the island’s lemur population and Madagascan way of life is always a highlight, it may just be the variety of the landscapes through which travellers will venture that give this tour its namesake. Rolling hills of greenery, highlands littered with rice fields and ancient forests will all be seen. The second half of the tour brings even more diverse scenery. Tour members will visit a wine farm, discover natural swimming pools, marvel at ancient baobab trees and relax on the white sandy beaches of Ifaty before returning to Antananarivo for some last minute sightseeing and shopping.

Although Madagascar’s tourism industry is still relatively young, the VIP treatment is still very much possible. Our 11-day Ultimate Luxury Wildlife Experience package is ideal for travellers who prefer an air of luxury to Madagascar’s air of mystery. Besides exploring the 3 diverse landscapes offered by the package (spiny forest, rainforest and dry deciduous forest), tour members will also enjoy cultural tours, adventure activities and only the best of Madagascar’s accommodation. Similarly, the Madagascar experience brings together the best of the island’s wildlife and landscapes, as well as an unforgettable white sand experience on the islands of Tsarabanjina and Nosy Be. A step up would be our Private Charter – a tour that promises only the best in experience, in accommodation and of course, your very own private airplane. Days are spent hiking through the island’s national parks and around its rock formations while evenings are reserved for mouth-watering cuisine, spa treatments and pure tropical bliss. The tour also includes a 3-night stay at Anjajavy Relais Chateaux, the finest accommodation in Madagascar. The hotel offers a host of free activities, including heaps of water sports and cultural tours through Antananarivo and its surrounds.

Madagascar may be the land of 1000 natural mysteries but there is nothing mysterious about the experience that travellers will have when exploring the island nation. Guests will enjoy a seemingly ever-changing landscape, breath-taking wildlife, friendly locals and comfortable accommodation – all culminating in an unforgettable island adventure. Let East Cape Tours plan the perfect itinerary for you. Book today!

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